Your secret weapon for dating success

2015-06-01 at 09:15

Your secret weapon for dating success

Your secret weapon for dating success

Your secret weapon for dating success

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me some “secret phrases” to make beautiful women feel irresistible attracted to him.

I explained to him that he doesn’t need “secret phrases” because communication involves verbal and non-verbal messages.

Do you know about the 7% Communication rule ?

  • 7%  of your message is carried by your spoken words
  • 38% of your message is carried by the tone and music of your voice
  • 55% of your message is carried by your BODY LANGUAGE

Your body language carries a lot of information about you, and if you are careless you are sending the wrong message. But if you are mindful to your body language you will communicate the right message.

As babies and later as toddlers before we learned how to speak, we learned how to communicate with facial expression and body language.

Just watch a baby when she is smiling, deep down she knows that her smile triggers attention and empathy without saying a single word, because we all feel attracted to happy people.

Have you ever endured a 4 hour flight trip close to a crying baby? Without saying a single word he communicates anger, frustration, sadness, and you want to run away from him because we don’t like to be close to sad or mad people.

We all know in a subconscious way other person’s mood and if we like or dislike that person without hearing a single spoken word.

Women are far more intuitive than men in body language and you can use her ability to your own advantage.

Your secret weapon for dating success 


With your body language send signals that you are looking for approval and acceptance, and this is a big turn off for hot women because they look for men to admire and not men who put them in a pedestal.

Hot women are looking for leaders, men to follow who have a higher social status than them. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be in the cover of any magazine, nope. It means that you consider yourself a man of high status and this is part of your secret weapon for dating success.

Your body language should communicate that you are the one who is withholding or granting approval.

How to project high value with your Body Language

These are some some simple tips that increase the effectiveness of your secret weapon for dating success

You can work these simple things that we were taught since childhood:

  • Walk always straight with a royal aura,
    • Try to imagine that you are carrying a large cap like a king or superhero.
  • Always look in the girl’s eyes,
    • Also with a beautiful woman better look at her lips when she speaks to you. This will instantly turn her on, and she won’t know why she suddenly feels attracted to you even if you are not her type.

Avoid these body language posture

Your secret weapon for dating success will become useless if you have negative body language therefore:

  • Never stand with your arms crossed in front of your chest
    • Crossing your arms means you are in a defensive position, that means you feel threatened by a beautiful woman.
    • Don’t smile too mucho, only a smirk and keep your body posture as when you are evaluating or examining someone’s work.
  • Don’t cross your legs when you sit
    • Crossing your legs means you are submissive and you are protecting your crotch, you are a strong man and you are not afraid of any attack from a hot girl.
  • In a bar move your hips and crotch in a circular way following the background music, this will communicate in a subliminal way to every women in the place that you are a great lover in bed.
    • If you don’t believe me watch the way Elvis Presley danced, he was an awesome singer and a gifted dancer and drove all girls crazy. All the hot babes never knew why they were madly attracted to him.

Learn from the Masters

Watch Elvis Presley’s videos, observe and learn how to amplify your secret weapon for success and practice how he danced: moving his hips in a circular way

Make a few subtle changes in how you move and hold yourself, and you’ll start getting instant, mind-blowing results with women…

I’m talking with practically NO EFFORT on your part, just pay attention to your secret weapon for dating success

Consequently, you’ll feel like it’s happening by “magic.

I’ve put together some PROVEN body-language tools and techniques for you right here

Your secret weapon for dating success

Your secret weapon for dating success

Click the images or the blue text link and learn how to master your secret weapon for dating success.

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