The honey trick to date beautiful women

2015-05-26 at 23:59

The honey trick to date beautiful women

The honey trick to date beautiful women changed my life in many positive ways. No more chasing girls and watch them run away to the hills. No more buying drinks or gifts. You only need to change your mindset and turn the odds in your favor.

The honey trick to date beautiful women

The honey trick to date beautiful women

Have you heard the following saying?
…like bees to flowers (or nectar)
…you’ll attract more bees with nectar than vinegar
…drawn like a horse to water

For years advertising agencies have been applying psychology science to trigger our natural instinct to get our attention.

They made several studies about which color make us feel relaxed, excited, the tone of voice that gets our full attention and even the kind of letter fonts that make us feel more comfortable while we are reading.

We feel attracted like bees to honey, and there is nothing we can do because they are using our natural behavior to drive us to buy their products or solutions.

Instead of complaining about what the big corporations are doing to us to sell us their products, one of my friends and mentor developed an incredible dating technique based on human psychology.

And he called it The honey trick to date beautiful women or just the “Honey Trick.”

Is more like a secret that women don’t want you to know…

Why? Well because if you apply this technique correctly, you will trigger in every beautiful woman a natural attraction to you,

and even when you are not “her type” she will want to learn more about you and stay close to you.

Men and Women are attracted naturally

You need to keep in mind that Men and Women are attracted naturally.

The problem is society teach us as men to do things that turn off Beautiful Women’s Attraction. Some of these beliefs are:

  • Looks matter, How many beautiful girls have you seen dating regular or repulsive bald guys? Many top models, singers date men who are not good looking, nor have a chiseled jawline nor ripped abs. The reason they are dating ordinary guys it’s because they have a basic understanding of attraction.
  • Chasing Women, Since words are inaccurate and we all have a different meaning to avoid misunderstanding let us state that I’m talking about Emotional Chasing this means texting her  or call her too much, buying her many unexpected gifts, or even giving her too many compliments
  • Be the Nice Guy, Have you notice that hot girls always end dating abusive losers and jerks? Beautiful women feel attracted to their bad boy’s attitude because they are not looking for approval. Jerks and badasses don’t ask for beautiful women’s permission; they don’t care at all!!! Bad guys don’t try to please anybody but themselves.

With all these wrong ideas it’s like trying to attract bees with vinegar, it will never work!!!

You have to unlearn and forget all those wrong ideas and replace them with the things that work.

Some key points

First, you don’t have to become a jerk to date beautiful woman,

However, you have to draw the line in the sand, have your own life, being in control, and learn to say NO! more often in particular to beautiful women.

Treat yourself as the most important person in the world, your world.

Second, you don’t have to spend many hours every day in the gym to attract beautiful women

Staying fit by your own choice it’s ok however you don’t need to waste your life in a gym, life it’s outside.

And third you don’t have to chase women either, and it’s more fun and more relaxed when you learn how to make women chase you.

Women can’t choose to feel attracted

Remember attraction isn’t a choice, girls don’t decide which guy to feel attracted or not.

If you do the things that naturally attract women, and make them part of your daily life, then beautiful girls will just feel attracted to you only as bees are attracted to honey in a natural way.

You can learn how to trigger attraction in any girl that you want.

Just following the right steps to create a compelling mindset and attitude with The honey trick to date beautiful women.

Avoid rejection or repulsion

Human natural behavior is to run away to the hills when something is chasing you, that is why beautiful girls developed a “sixth sense” to protect themselves from guys and also use them, manipulating them to do whatever they want.

But what if you could learn a technique that changed the rules of the games, that makes you the “prize” and they have to prove they are worthy of you.

This is the cool part of the honey trick to date beautiful women :

No more chasing girls, but girls chasing you….

Instead of behaving like the “Nice Guy” buying her expensive gifts and taking her to fancy restaurants to get her attention,

your behavior and attitude will tell her that you are the alpha male she has been looking for.

Just click on any of the two images of this post and watch the video created by my friend and dating guru Jason Capital, so you learn more about this advanced dating technique so you attract hot women like honey attracts bees.

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