How to date hot women

2016-03-19 at 09:00

How to date hot women

How to date hot women

How to date hot women

Since I can remember I always felt attracted to beautiful women, and I always wanted to learn how to date hot women

However at some point of my life I lost the direction and I couldn’t date the woman of my dreams.

Every attempt was a miserable copy of the previous before, always failing, feeling anxiety, frustrated, and depressed. And I didn’t knew how to date hot women.

The problem is I didn’t stop to think for a moment and analyze my previous relationships, to learn from the past and avoid to repeat them in the present.

What do you think about the following quote:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

Some quality questions

Have you ever wondered:

Why you don’t have success dating hot women?

Why the girl doesn’t text back? or

Why she doesn’t answer your call?

These questions are painful to make specially after every hot girl tells you: that you are such a nice guy

Why girls date bad *ss and jerks?

Many hot women declare that they want to date a nice guy, however they always end dating the bad*ss and the jerks, so I always wanted to learn how to date hot women?

For a long time I made myself these same questions over and over again, meanwhile I was showering hot women with:

  • expensive gifts,
  • flowers,
  • dinners in nice restaurants,
  • helping them with their chores, or
  • even paying her bills!!!

And when I tried to make my move and date them, they always gave me the same lame and pathetic answer over and over again:

You are very nice and sweet, I don’t want to spoil our friendship, I will always want you by my side but as a friend.

Sometime later I read the following phrase in some place, maybe a cookie fortune:

“Giving friendship to someone who needs love, is like giving bread to someone who is dying of thirst”

You can’t imagine how much I hated to end alone, and wondering how could I change my situation.

I didn’t want to become a jerk who mistreats a woman, nor a domineering male who beats a woman just because someone looked at her.

But I didn’t wanted to be a nice guy my whole life ending alone or dating a female that I didn’t find attractive.

I knew the kind of woman I wanted, I just didn’t knew how to date hot women

Then one day, I discovered that beautiful girls never date nice guys, they always date bad boys.

I didn’t want to become a bad boy, but I learned that I could copy some bad boys attitudes that work to attract gorgeous women and  and my world change it, radically.

This is called the Bad Boy Formula and when I applied I felt like the blind of my eyes disappeared, and I had more than a couple of “aha” and “eureka” moments.

I learned to naturally attract beautiful women using the Advanced Dating Techniques called “The Honey Trick” and it really works!

I sadly discovered that being a nice guy had the opposite effect ,

instead of attracting hot women they feel repulsed and avoided me, not because of my looks, but because of my attitude.

You can start with something very simple:

Don’t ask for approval, if you like something say it and don’t apologize for it. As a man you don’t have to please everybody wishes or wimps, you are here to enjoy your life to the fullest, discover your own mission and make the difference in this world.

If you are tired to be alone every night, and waking up every morning wondering why you don’t have a gorgeous and hot woman sleeping by your side, therefore it is time for you to take action to learn how to date hot women.

Just click in the picture and learn more how to develop some bad guy attitudes that naturally attract beautiful women.

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