How to approach hot women

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How to approach hot women

How to Approach Hot Women

How to Approach Hot Women

Quite probably in school they told you that effective communication involves more than just words, and  science can help you to answer the question: how to approach hot women

Do you know about the 7% Communication rule ?

  • 7%  of your message is carried by your spoken words
  • 38% of your message is carried by the tone and music of your voice
  • 55% of your message is carried by your BODY LANGUAGE


Think about it, only 7% of spoken words, talks about you! and 93% of body language including:

  • facial expression,
  • tone of voice,
  • posture, and looks – don’t get scared,  when I’m talking about looks,  is that you are wearing clean clothes, polished shoes, showing that you know how to take care of yourself, and you have a sense of fashion.

When I talk about sense of fashion I don’t mean that you have to wear the most expensive clothes, it can help but just a little.

It is far more important that your clothes are clean, neat, and well ironed, your shoes should be always be polished and the color of the shoes must match your belt color. That you are always well groomed, clean and fresh breath, and with a nice cologne (not a cheap one, learn to invest in yourself)

When you take care of your physical appearance you are telling to a woman:

  • You care about you,
  • you have a good sense of fashion,
  • and that you are reliable.

Hot women don’t care if the man they are dating is:

  • overweight,
  • bald,
  • or shorter than them, a man who dates a hot girl taller than him is an alpha male

If you don’t believe me look at any hot super model and watch the guy who is dating her, it’s not Brad Pitt, just an ordinary looking guy

If sense of fashion and looks aren’t so important then: How to approach hot women?

Approaching hot women requires the right mental attitude:

  • Overcome your fear of rejection
  • Develop Self confidence
  • Be yourself, and
  • Create a mental picture that she will enjoy the time with you, because you are an easy going, happy and successful man.

A set of skills:

  • Posture
  • Tone of voice
  • Looks, you are groomed,with polished shoes, and clean clothes.

Approaching hot women is an art, and a friend of mine developed an awesome system that will make you natural to approach hot women without fear of rejection, with a self confidence attitude, that will make hot women eagerly speak with you and keep you to her side because you are one in a million, a prize to chase and win.

Takes practice to learn how to approach hot women, and you can learn it because it’s something fun, rewarding, and a driving force in your life.

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