The seven keys to becoming a total badass

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The seven keys to becoming a total badass

The seven keys to becoming a total badass

The seven keys to becoming a total badass

When you master The seven keys to becoming a total badass you can achieve anything that you want in life.

One of the worst things I had to endure was watching helplessly how a total 10 left me and rushed into the arms of a bad guy.

I didn’t want to become an ass****le, to attract women.

I knew that I needed to transform myself from a “nice guy” into a badass,

during my quest and strugle, I found out that I was not the only one struggling with my boy’s mentality that was driving away every hot woman I approached.

Let us start with The seven keys to becoming a total badass:

Key #1 Badass  has a high sense of self-esteem

Unfortunately, many males put their value on things outside them.

A close friend of mine married a foreign hot woman, and he told me that she married him only because he has a blue passport.

Don’t make the same mistake!

Your self-esteem, your value doesn’t depend on of things external to you: expensive fancy clothes, expensive cars, it is inside of you.

You live in your world, and your reality and you need to accept that you are fantastic, that you came to this world to add value and make the difference.

You can use NLP to learn from your “mistakes” and transform them into learning opportunities and stepping stones in your success ladder.

Many males repeat themselves these lies:

I’m not good enough; I’m not tall enough, I’m not keen enough, I ‘m not old/young enough

You are right enough exactly as you are now! This is your starting point.

Key #2 Badass has a vision

You only have two options in life:

  1. Work for your dreams to make them real,
  2. or give up on your dreams and work to make another people’s dream come true.

This is your life, nobody else. And as a real badass, you have a vision, and you will work to make it happen.

Take the time to read Stephen Covey’s “The 7 habits of highly effective people.”

It is a classic self-help book that will help you to create your vision and work to make it happen.

Write down a list of the things that will make your life awesome, could be:

  • I enjoy a great health
  • I’m dating the woman of my dreams
  • I have 20 million dollars in my bank account
  • Travel around the world three times a year


Write down everything you can think will make your life amazing. Write at least ten items

Of these items choose 2 to 5 items that are the most important.

Now ask yourself:

Why do you want 20 million dollars in your bank account?

Maybe what you want is more time to spend with your family and friends,

the people who matter most in your life.

Maybe you want an expensive new car to increase your self-esteem,

just keep in mind your self-worth is something inside of you.

Why do you want to date the woman of your dreams?


Of your new list choose the 3 to 5 items, Now you have a centerpiece of your vision.

Key #3 Badass has a positive ideal self-image to grow to

Tomas Watson, the founder of IBM, mentioned that first, he had a bright idea about how his perfect business should run,

and when he arrived at the office he started to work according to his vision of the company.

Now that you have a vision of your ideal life, it is time to see yourself as the person who lives the life you desire.

This ideal self-image that you want to develop will pull you to achieve your goals.

You need to write down believably your new self-beliefs.

If you think that hot girls are not attracted to you, you could change it for: “My dream woman will feel attracted to me.”

Now write down your ideal self-image, this self-image will drive you to become a real badass.

Now you need to use Positive Affirmations, and please take the time to read  Lindsay Haskel “Affirmations: Reprogram your subconscious mind.”

Commit to repeat your affirmations in the morning before you wake up, and before you fall asleep for at least 90 days.

Also, review every day for at least 90 days the 7 keys to become a total badass

Key #4 Badass always take action

As a true badass, you need to take action now!

Improve yourself every day, little by little.

Let assume you want to lose 20 pounds of extra weight; many people try it without success because they want immediate results.

We live in the right now society:

fast food,

overnight delivery from one side to  the world to the other,

Instant healing medicine,

so we fail to realize that many things take time.

You didn’t gain 20 pounds in just one week,

quite probably it took you some months or maybe years, and yet so many people want to see results overnight.

Life doesn’t work this way.

Learn to make small changes and keep going one step at the time, so you don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.

Japanese people have a fantastic life and work philosophy based on Kaizen, and they make small improvement every day

Like a badass, you should adopt the kaizen way of life.

Many males make the mistake to learn jokes or magic tricks to try to impress beautiful girls.

Granted you get her attention,

however, you don’t want to project to her the image that you are just an entertainer instead of a potential lover.

Learn skills that make you more desirable to her,

like how to give relaxation massages,

or even reading palms for some reason, girls always want to know what the future holds for them.

One advantage is that you start touching her from the very beginning in a non-creepy way and makes her feel closer to you.

Key #5 Badass nurture himself with healthy and positive dialogues

Like a badass, you take the responsibility to make you feel good.

Eliminate from your life the food, television, music, people, clothes that make you feel down.

Use positive affirmations to validate yourself constantly

Remember the first phrase above?

I’m awesome

I’m good enough

Since nature abhors the vacuum:

You need to change the music that drags you down with uplifting music,

the time you spent watching trashy TV shows you can use it to work out.

Sleep enough, so you feel revitalized

Practice gratitude daily.

Focus on the things that you already have, and you will find countless reasons to be thankful.

Practice meditation every day, every religion has one way of meditation take the time to learn your meditation technique you will discover that the results will be surprising.

Key #6 Badass has an abundance mentality

Boy’s mentality is scarcity mentality.

An abundance mentality makes you a generous man.

And several studies show that generous people are healthier than stingy people.

You have to give time to yourself, to the things that matter:

Reading, learning new skills, traveling, spending time with your loved ones. And of course, mastering your inner game so you can date the woman of your dreams.

It is not about having time it is about making time

It is not about having time it is about making time

A real badass has an abundance mentality: you know that you can find beautiful women everywhere.

If you want to get more wealth the secret recipe is:

Donate more money to your preferred charity organization and give your tithes to your church.

Small gestures like a simple Hi to the bank clerk can make the difference in his/her day. Learn to give without expecting nothing in return:

Smile more often,

Banter with every employee you meet, they are real humans just like you.

Keep in mind to be sincere

Do the things that you love and invite others to join you

Put yourself in a positive state and share it

Connect people who may be valuable to each other

Let us review the last of The seven keys to becoming a total badass

Key #7 Badass doesn’t compromise their values

You don’t need to change your values nor try to “fit in” into other people’s reality.

Neither you try to change others, and you accept that everybody is trying to do their best with their life using the resources that they have available.

You live according to your values and mission,

you don’t seek acceptance,

your grant it.

You can learn more in the book “The seven keys to becoming a total badass.”


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Your comments about The seven keys to becoming a total badass are welcome,

let me know what ideas or topics I should talk about in my next posts:

You are in the right place to learn how to change your mindset and #DontBeaNiceGuyAnymore and date the woman of your dreams!

How to overcome fear using 3 mental tricks

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How to overcome fears using 3 mental tricks

How to overcome fears using 3 mental tricks

How to overcome fears using 3 mental tricks

Living in fear is not living, is the worst way of surviving I want to teach you how to overcome fears using 3 mental tricks.

Feeling fear is a natural way of protection, that help us to avoid possible threats that could hurt us or kill us.

It is something ingrained in us to help us to keep us alive.

The problem is many times this self defense mechanism only help us to survive and it becomes an obstacle in our growth,

so instead of living and thriving we are barely surviving.

As alpha males we are meant to take control of our lives,

to be leaders and agent of change,

however when you choose to live in fear and be controlled by it,

you become a slave, a prisoner without walls and bars.

Let me show you how to overcome fears using the 3 mental tricks:

Mental trick 1: Live according to your vision and values

There are some questions that only you can answer:

What are your core values?

Take a moment and write down your core values,

and every time you have to make decision compare it against your core values.

If your core value is honesty you will never participate in scams or fraudulent business because that will go against you.

What do you want in life?

Some men will answer: I want  a lot of money, and dating gorgeous women.

However go a little bit deeper and ask yourself:

Why do you want to earn a lot of money?

and How much is a lot of money?

If you want to be successful in any area in your life, you have to be very specific about what you want.

Be as specific as possible

For example you could say: I want to earn $10k each month by the end of 2016 creating a business that adds value to my community, my state, and my country.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Dating gorgeous women demands that you figure it out what kind of woman you really want to date.

Of course looks matters if you want to date a “total 10”

 however I will never date a drop dead gorgeous woman who has addiction issues,

relationship issues with men,

has bad temper problems.

I want something more than just skin deep beauty, and what do you want?

What is your own definition of success?

A long time ago I watched Bruce Willis movie “The kid”

and for his inner self having a high income job, a great house, and expensive car wasn’t his real definition of success,

it was something different, more profound something aligned with his inner values, his inner self.

You need to write down your own definition of success that is aligned with your inner values.

What is your purpose in life?

We all have a calling something that life demand of us,

and believe me your calling has nothing to do working from 9 to 5 and being stuck in the traffic jam.

Now that you answered all these questions, tell me:

What are you doing every single day that goes against your vision and values?

Mental trick 2: What do you want?

Our educational system is based in fear of failure, which is the opposite way of true learning.

The best question you can ask yourself to learn how to overcome fears using the 3 mental tricks is:

What do you want?

Do you remember how did you learn to ride a bike?

Were you able to ride it well the first time you climb it?

No, quite probably you fell several times,

and perhaps you mastered first the art of falling without hurting yourself before you mastered how to ride your bike.

You didn’t care how many times you failed because you knew the rewards of riding the bike will include:

more freedom,

more joy playing with your friends

and more self-confidence because you were able to go beyond your comfort zone.

In order to leave your comfort zone, you need first to define your “safe zone” A place where without regarding how bad your day was, you can rest and be at peace. For most of us that place is our own home or our bedroom. Try to make your bedroom as clean, neat and comfortable possible. Because you spend at least the third part of your time there while you sleep.

So it’s a good idea to have it clean and neat. If you have the opportunity please read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod it offers you a great way to change the way to start every morning with a positive mental attitude, that will help you to Change your Habits.

Mental trick 3: Use NLP

As human beings we fear change, we are lazy and we prefer to stay in the comfort zone because it doesn’t require too much effort.


Many males when they see a beautiful woman on the street,

in an elevator, a mall, or in a bar

they don’t dare to approach her because they are afraid of rejection,

they prefer to stay in their comfort zone  and they justify their fears with countless lies.

However you know what you want in life,

and you know that the life of your dreams is just at the other side of your fears.

You are called to go above and beyond,

leave your comfort zone to live according to your core values and your vision.

You know that you need to change your habits in order to align your life to your definition of success.

Now it’s time to use Neuro Linguistic Programming or  NLP

Use  positive affirmations to keep your mind in track and don’t allow it to wander in the wrong direction.

If you feel that fear is taking control of your will,

you can use an “anchor” a special movement or position of your body to remember a time in your life when you were very courageous.

If you can’t remember a time when you were courageous it’s ok you can borrow it from your favorite action movie.

Your mind can’t tell the difference,

use it to remember how to act courageously.

I look forward to your comments for this post about How to overcome fears using 3 mental tricks


3 Ways to Increase your Productivity

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3 Ways to Increase your Productivity

3 Ways to Increase your Productivity

3 Ways to Increase your Productivity

Beautiful and gorgeous women are naturally attracted to successful men, so I would like to share with you 3 Ways to Increase your Productivity.

Beautiful Women are naturally attracted to leaders

One of the biggest mistakes that “Nice guys¨ do all the time is they put beautiful woman in a pedestal, and this create repulsion instead of attraction.

Women are naturally attracted lo leaders, to men with higher social status.

Beautiful women are looking for a man who can follow, who can admire, they are looking for leaders not for followers.

Look at the selfies and pictures that beautiful women take of themselves, most of them took them looking up,  because they are always looking for someone to admire.

Many men wrongly believe that women are attracted to men with a lot of money.

I won’t deny that are gold diggers in this world who just want to get your money and leave you empty.

However most women aren’t attracted to men with money, they are attracted to successful men  because:

  • their ability to create wealth,
  • they can add social value,
  • successful men are capable to make others to follow them, and
  • they are in control of their life.

You don’t have to be the CEO of a 500 Forbes companies list to become a leader, you only need to be in control of your own life, to improve yourself everyday.

Let us start with the 3 ways to increase your productivity

Find your reason

Every thing that you do in this life has a reason, and your reason will help you to overcome the fear of failure and procrastination.

You wanted to learn how to ride a bike because it was fun to watch other kids go to other places, it didn’t matter that you fell so many times, you knew that the outcome was much better than the temporary failure or defeats.

Even when you saw so many boys and girls who rode the bicycle without effort who looked “natural” doing it, that didn’t stop you, you wanted to have the same fun and excitement, and you knew with work and effort you could achieve the same level of mastery.

You never said to yourself “this is too hard, it’s not worth the effort I’m going to sit in the sidewalk feeling pity of myself and watch others enjoy and have fun”

Hell no!!! You knew what you wanted, and you worked until you achieved it.

Why do you want to date beautiful girls?

You are the only one who can answer this question, and this is the driving force that will help you to transform obstacles into stepping stones.

The second part of the 3 ways to increase your productivity is:

Create a morning routine or ritual

When you first wake up, you’re the most sensitive and impressionable. It’s the time when you have just slept, disconnected, and relaxed the most.

If you will intentionally use the first part of the day to get a bit of exercise, eat a super healthy first meal, and quiet your mind… you’ll see a vision for what is IMPORTANT to do that day.

Instead of checking your messages and email early in the day, take the first 60-90 minutes and create a routine or ritual to make yourself strong and healthy.

Now let us check the last of  the 3 Ways to Increase your Productivity

Use the Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle tell us that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts, so you need to focus on the activities that generate more outcome and forget those that waste your time an energy.

When you start your work day, invest at least the first couple of hours working on ONLY those things that are the “high value” activities… those things that pay you back big returns now and in the future.

In a business, the areas that typically bring the biggest, fastest returns are your marketing… and working to improve your product or service.

But these two activities usually get pushed down the list, as there are messages to reply to and people who want your attention.

If you can organize your day instead… so you invest those first couple of “fresh” work hours into the activities that make you the most money, the game changes.

And your productivity soars.

 Remember increasing your productivity in any area of your life, makes you feel good about yourself. This is reflected in your body language, the way you interact with others you add value to other people and they follow your lead naturally.

These social skills makes you more attractive to beautiful women.

Trigger Sexual Spark

2016-07-16 at 14:05

Trigger Sexual Spark

Trigger Sexual Spark

Trigger Sexual Spark

Learning how to trigger sexual spark with a beautiful woman, creates chemistry and attraction in a subconscious level that will make her feel irresistible attracted to you.

Women have different logic

Most men fail to trigger sexual spark with women because they try to apply men’s logic into women behavior.

After all for years we have heard that women prefer date “Nice Guys” however most girls fall with Bad Boys

The “Nice Guy” always try to please her in every wimp and tantrum, treat every beautiful woman as if she were some kind of goddess instead of treating her like a normal human being.

Trying to being nice, the nice guy creates rejection instead of attraction.


Have you ever eat for breakfast every day a bowl of boiled oatmeal?

It has no taste, it’s not appealing to your senses: smell, taste and sight.

Logic tells you that is good for you to control cholesterol levels, and to help your digestive system.

But if you have to choose between boiled oatmeal and a delicious hot cake soaked with maple syrup and butter, which will you prefer?

The same thing happens with gorgeous and beautiful girls they know “Nice guys” are good for them but “nice guys” are boring, unattractive, replaceable and dull, nice guys fail to trigger sexual spark.

In the other hand Bad Ass they naturally trigger sexual spark with beautiful women, and they follow them wherever they go.

Mating process

Like any other species in this world, human beings we strive for survival of the fittest. And the best way to do it is to mate with someone who was the best genes, so the next generation have better chances to survive

The mating process that trigger the sexual spark is something that happens almost in a subconscious way.

Men we feel attracted to certain physical attributes that tell us that a woman can be a good mother, however women have to use other clues about men’s intrinsic value like dominance, control, and self-sufficiency.

Bad boys and bad ass project the image of the best genes because they live by their own rules and triggers the sexual spark.

While “nice guys” project a poor gene image because they are always looking for approval and this kills the sexual spark.

How to create instant attraction

Returning to our boiled oatmeal example, what if you add to the oatmeal some berries, strawberries, and other fruits. It changes dramatically: it appeal to our senses and invite us to eat it.

The same thing happens with hot women, you need to learn how to trigger sexual spark. Paying close attention to your body language, and the way you approach them for the first time.

Don’t shower hot women with a lot of compliments, don’t give them too much information, don’t make yourself available, and never accept second class behavior from any girl.

This also include the language that you are using, the way you play with the words to be cocky and funny, to make her feel that she is the one who is hitting on you and that you are the one who is resisting her sexual advances.

Listen to the free audio that will help you to change your image and create instant attraction in a subconscious way.

Your friend,





The declaration of independence

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The declaration of independence


The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence

Every 4th of July we celebrate the declaration of independence

In this day we remember The Founding Fathers declared to the world that they were willing to give their life in order to give every single citizen born in this country the right of freedom and pursuit of happiness.

They dreamed with a nation where every citizen has the right to choose how to live his life to the fullest potential, to have the right to work to achieve his goals, fight for his dreams, and pursuit happiness.

They wanted a country with the freedom to think and express his ideas without any repression, to organize his thoughts in order to invent new ideas, way of thinking, and amazing things like: cars, airplanes, computers, and many other incredible inventions to make life so much easier for the entire world.

Our way of life, including freedom to choose our religion, or lack of it, the civil rights that we enjoy didn’t come free, for centuries several brave men and women have fought and paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom and way of life.

So you and I can enjoy of a great country with limitless opportunities to live our life to the fullest extension.

The pursuit of happiness

The declaration of independence puts a heavy emphasis in the pursuit of happiness:
I don’t believe the Founding Fathers had in their minds to fight for your independence, so you live an unhappy and meaningless life.
They didn’t have in mind either that you were afraid to fight for your dreams, living an aimless and worthless life.

I believe they wanted that you have your life in control, that you called your own shots, and achieved your dreams.

Fight for your dreams

You live in the land of the free and the brave men, who believe in the declaration of independence and that means that you have to fight for your dreams.

Each one of us we have dreams that look impossible to achieve, like:

a) College education
b) Buy a very expensive car or a house in the beach.
c) Become a sport star
d) Create your own business
e) Invent something that makes everybody‘s life easier, and makes you rich in the process.
f) Dating the most beautiful women in the world.

These dreams may look like impossible to achieve, unattainable, and unreachable.

However if your dreams doesn’t hurt or damage anyone, and they brings joy, happiness to others and yourself then your dreams are worthy to fight for.

Remember life is willing to give you everything you ask, because after all you live in a free country.

However life is going to test you, to find out if you are willing to pay the price for your dreams.

Life is going to give you obstacles and temporary defeats to find out if you really want what you ask, unfortunately ordinary men when they face:

a) the first objection,
b) the first rejection,
c) the first setback,
d) or they don’t get what they want right now

they immediately surrender, they retreat and give up to their dearest dreams and ambitions.

So life assumes that they didn’t want those things they were asking for.

The Free and Brave Men

Unlike ordinary men, the free and brave men, they have a clear vision and mission, they have their own version of the declaration of independence.

They know what they want from life and they are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come true.

The free and brave men are able to transform obstacles into stepping stones,

Unlike ordinary men, the free and brave men see every setback and temporary defeat as a learned lesson, they pay close attention to the things that didn’t work, and don’t take it personal.

They keep a journal were they write everything, in order to learn and avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Dating the woman of your dreams

I want to believe that you are a free and brave man, that you have clear goals to achieve and one of them is dating your dream woman.

Maybe you are afraid to approach a hot girl in the street, because nobody likes rejection.

However you know that the positive is much better than spending your night alone, that you can enjoy of a great talk, friendship and of course of an intimate relationship with a beautiful women and the only thing you have to do is give one step forward, and face your fears.
In the same way that you learned to ride a bike, and drive a car, and every other skill that you have because you didn’t born knowing anything, every skill that you have is a learned skill, which took some time to master.

The same thing happens when dating girls; you need to learn the skills about how to date beautiful girls.

And you can turn it into a fun and joyful process instead of a daunting and fearing one that makes you afraid to even say “Hi” to a hot girl in the street and start a conversation.

Your comments are very welcome about how you can create your own version of the declaration of independence and achieve your dreams.

How to defeat procrastination

2016-05-29 at 11:35

How to defeat procrastination

How to defeat procrastination

How to defeat procrastination

Almost a year ago I took Coursera’s “Learning how to learn” to improve my learning skills, and from time to time I receive some update about new tips and ideas. Last week I received an email about How to defeat procrastination, they made an incredible chart  but it doesn’t work because it’s based using logic to overcome emotions.

Why we procrastinate?

As human beings we run away from danger, and pain. And basically we procrastinate because we are postponing as much as we can the pain or suffering in the present moment. In David Coleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” book he explains that emotions are 7 times stronger than logic, or IQ.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy for car sales person to make you buy a new car, the only thing they need to ask you is to sit in the car and smell the leather or try a test drive and feel the freedom or power behind the wheel.

Your emotions start to take control over you, and you do it without regarding what logic says about compound interest and other stuff.

The same principle applies about the things we don’t want to do, we don’t do it because we are afraid and we try to postpone as much as we can the pain and suffering, our emotions take control of ourselves.

How to control your emotions?

Perhaps like me you don’t want to make exercise every morning, it’s far more easy to stay late in bed sleeping or watching TV, than doing something that is boring, painful like running, you need to learn how to defeat procrastination to be fit.

However what if you imagine how fun it is to go out to run for a while in a nice place where you can watch beautiful girls working out too? Imagine how good you will feel when you see a gorgeous girl who greets you with a smile saying something like “Hi”

As you quite probably know exercise helps you to release in your body endorphin which increase self-steem and trigger positive feelings, girls are more open to meet new people because they are happier.

This is just an example of how to find motivation to do something that you need to do in order to change your life and make the difference.

Many of us were taught to suppress our emotions, to hide them deep inside.

However there is a better way, because emotions are energy

Harness your emotions

If you are afraid then your body is releasing a mix of hormones that will pump more blood to your muscles and to your brain, so you can think faster, hear and see more, so you can fight or flight.

But you don’t want to flight away from a gorgeous girl that you saw in the mall, and neither you want to fight with her. You want to meet her

Since you are not going to run to the hills when you feel fear to approach a beautiful girl in the street.

You can use all the blood that is flowing into your brain to remember that she is going to have a a nice time, because you noticed that she knows how to match her purse with the dress.

Your emotions will help you to feel more energetic and positive that you can achieve this goal or something better.

And also you can remember to be yourself and enjoy the present moment.

There is a reason why beautiful girls make a lot of efforts to look great, because they are looking for Mr. Right, they are looking for a man who is in control of himself, of his life, who can lead her and protect her.

And when you approach a total stranger in the street to say “Hi”, guess what?

Your actions are showing that you are a potential Mr. Right Now she will throw you several tests to find out if you are bluffing or if you are an alpha male.

She can tell you are happy and energetic but she can’t read your mind if you are afraid or not, so it doesn’t matter if you are afraid or not, the only one who knows your emotions is your. And your goal is to harness them so you can achieve what you want in life.

Dating beautiful women is a skill you can master, you need mentors to teach you and guide you and you need practice too.

Is like riding a bike, do you remember how scary and painful was to try to keep balance?

How many times did you fall? I can guess there were so many, but I know you get up one more time more and tried again without regarding how hard you fell and how painful it was because the reward of having fun exceeded the temporary failure or defeat.

The same thing happens with everything in your life, you need to step out of your comfort zone, to use your emotions to overcome procrastination and do the things that you need to live a happier and healthy life.

Write down your goals, imagine that you are worthy to have them, that you already have them and the only thing you need to do is to take a small step at the time.

Everything you want in life is at the other side of your fears, you only need to learn how to defeat procrastination using your emotions to feed your joy instead of your fears.

Be a good man

2016-05-07 at 14:48

Be a good man

Be a Good Man

Be a Good Man

You maybe wondering if I suddenly changed my mind after telling “Don’t be a nice guy anymore” and now I’m telling you Be a good man. I didn’t changed my mind, let me explain you with more detail.

A few days ago while I was talking with some guys one of them told me “finding beautiful girls it’s hard” it was clear for me that even when he was in his thirties we still had a boy’s mentality a scarcity mentality.

I asked him to wait for a moment to wait for a beautiful girl to pass us by, and a minute later a total 10 crossed our ways, I approached her and I told her that I needed her opinion and asked her:

What do you think: there are more beautiful girls than good men?

Her answer was a loud YES, and she pointed  me a couple of organic wholefood in the mall with countless beautiful girls.

And sadly she told me, but I don’t know where to find a good man.

As man we tend to believe that women feel attracted the same way that we do, since we are attracted by phisyical appearance we assume that women are attracted in the same way and it’s not true.

Women are more attracted by strong personality than strong looks.

Four steps to develop a strong Personality

1. Love Being You

If you want to develop a strong personality that help you to naturally attract the women you desire is simple: Love being you

Love you the way you are!

Love your weirdness, your quirky traits, your dreams and goals, your hobbies, your flaws, and your strengths.

If you genuinely love yourself and love who you are, you will always take care of you, you will care for your body doing exercise, eating healthy, sleeping well, learning and you will do only the things that make you happy.

You will never accept a second class behavior because you have clear boundaries.


2. You Have to Live by Your Values to Truly Attract Women

Unfortunately many men compromise their values and self interest when they are dealing with beautiful women.

If a hot girl makes a tantrum they will do everything to please her, instead of learning to say no.

Many men fall in the trap to become a beautiful girl’s pet project they change according to her wimps, and instead of creating attraction she feels repulsed. They don’t understand that women are testing you to find out if you are strong enough and not willing to surrender your power and leadership to her.

Be a good man means becoming the leader in your own life, the alpha male of your own destiny is

About being respectful with yourself first and others

About being responsible for your actions and those who are under your care

About being accountable for the things you do

About being the source of protection,

3. Confident Body Language

Body language is the universal way of communication, and a strong personality’s key component is feeling comfortable to touch a girl. A woman will never see you in a sexual light if you are not able to comfortable touch her in a respectful way (and quickly)

This does not mean you have to be groping and grab assing, it simply means that being able to initiate a playful touch on the arm or shoulder, or placing your hand on her knee to emphasize a segment of a story you are telling.

Is touch her back while you lead her from one place to other, to hold her hand while you walk. And to look at her eyes when you speak with her.

4. Develop an abundance mentality

Women have a sixth sense when it comes to how you are showing up in the world. If you have a boy’s mentality a scarcity mentality it won’t matter that you have great looks, because your body language, the way you talk will turn them off immediately.

You have to first develop your inner confidence, and an abundance mentality, second you must place yourself where you feel comfortable. I feel more at ease in an art exhibition or organic food store where I can meet beautiful girls than in a loud disco or bars these are not my  natural environment and you have to find the places where you feel more at ease and comfortable too to meet beautiful women.

I look forward to learn how are you working to be a good man.

If you want to learn:

You are in the right place to learn how to change your mindset and #DontBeaNiceGuyAnymore and date the woman of your dreams!


Answer to your calling

2016-04-27 at 22:30

Answer to your calling

Answer to your calling

Answer to your calling

To find success in any area of your life: professional, personal, and of course dating you need to answer to your calling, to live a life with purpose and intention.

In the book “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” after reaching a crossroad Alice has the following dialog with the cat:

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Many beta and omega males live a meaningless and purposeless life because they don’t know where they are going. They are living someone else’s dialog and expectations, living a life well below their capacities and expectations.

Become a successful man

Becoming successful has little to do with how much money you earn, or how much you travel, if you have or don’t have a university degree. Success comes from answering to your calling.

Hot and gorgeous women feel naturally attracted to higher status man, now higher status has more to do with your internal state than with your external material things like car, house, money in the bank, etc.

Beautiful girl find irresistible attracted to a man who has his life in control, who knows what he wants from life, who doesn’t give them special treatment just because they are beautiful.

A man who has his life under control, and knows what he wants with high standards is 1,000 times far more attractive than a man with a lot of money but without meaning and purpose.

Now that you know the importance of answer to your calling, it’s time to take action

Make a plan for your life

Your first step in this journey is sit down take pen and paper, and write down what do you want from life, and why do you want it so bad.

Define how would you describe your ideal day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Describe in detail your bedroom, the clothes you are wearing, the kind of breakfast you will eat, and above the positive emotions you will feel as if you were already living it.

Many beta and omega males say they want to make a lot of money, but you have to decide how much you want to earn. You could say I want to earn $100k USD each year, or whatever amount of money you want.

Now write down the things that you find attractive in a woman, including her external beauty and also her traits and personality. Are you looking for a partygoer or for a woman who prefers to take care of a garden.

Write also those things that you are not negotiable like for example I don’t like girls who smoke, nor use drugs.

Even when I prefer girls who likes cats, I can accept those who love dogs or other pets like perricot.

Live a life of meaning

I strongly believe that there is no other human being like you, and since you are unique you are here to do and achieve something that no nobody else can do.

You need to love what you do, and do what you love.

If you spend 8 hours a day in a job you don’t like nor enjoy, you are not going to find success.

If you hang around with negative and pessimistic people who always put you down and give you 1,000 reason you can’t achieve your dreams, people who makes you feel miserable and unhappy then you are not going to find success and fulfillment in your life.

Win win or no deal

One of the toughest lessons I learned in the school of hard knocks was: If you don’t respect yourself and put clear boundaries everybody will take advantage of you and nobody is going to rescue you, if you accept second class behavior hot women will disrespect you always.

If you are trying to keep a romantic relationship with a hot woman being a “nice guy” compromising your values and your interest just to please her, guess what? You are not going to have success in your romantic life.

Many years ago I learned the phrase “It’s my way or the highway” and I treat every woman with the same rules. When a woman discovers that you have yourself in high steem and you don’t allow second class behavior they respect you and admire you more, and yes they feel more attracted to you.

So to answer to your calling you make “win win or no deal” your motto.

Keep learning

Most beta and omega males think they already know everything and are not willing to learn new ways to improve their life, your goal is to always learn new ways to do things in a better and efficient way.

However successful men know that success come from continuos learning about everything that is important to them in life, in business, personal development and of course the art of dating and approaching beautiful women.

Your life it’s an ongoing learning process and if you fail to grow then you are dying.


A man who knows what he wants from life, who has his life handled, who knows how to take care of himself and never accepts second class behavior, who has high standards for himself and others, it’s commonly called the alpha male and  it’s the kind of man that beautiful woman are looking very desperately.

I look forward to learn the way you answer to your calling and find success in your life.

If you want to learn:

You are in the right place to learn how to change your mindset and #DontBeaNiceGuyAnymore and date the woman of your dreams!


Dare to be different

2016-04-02 at 08:55

Dare to be different

Dare to be different

Dare to be different

Ordinary people like beta and omega males they try to mix in the crowd, they hide in the multitude, they try to blend among the multitude. However alpha males, and leaders they Dare to be different and stand out to be noticed.

Why is so important to be different?

Imagine that you have in front of you 100 red delicious apples all of them of the same size and hue.

What would happen if someone puts a yellow apple in the middle?

Will you notice it?

Yes of course, because it’s completely different to the others, not worse, not better, just different.

Something similar happens when a beautiful and hot woman meets 100 “Nice Guys”

All of them behave the same way: they are easy to control and manipulate because she can get under their “skin” and make them do whatever she wants.

From simple things like buying her drinks in a bar, to paying her bills or listen to her when her boyfriend dumped her.

This is the reason why hot women aren’t attracted to “Nice guys” because they all look or behave in the same way.

They are not a challenge for her.

But what happens when a hot women meets a “bad guy” a “jerk” or a “bad *ss”.

Well they are completely different to “Nice Guys”:

They don’t look for approval, and in many cases they don’t grant it either.

They follow their own rules, and

They don’t care if a particular hot woman shows them attention or not, because they know that they meet 100 more around the corner.

Hot women don’t like to be abused, or mistreated however they can’t help to feel attracted to bad guys because they are different.

Do you dare to be different?

Do you wonder why people try to be like the others? Simple because they want approval, people want to be accepted by others, to be liked.

And even when is good to be accepted and liked, what is wrong is to look for approval. Remember Bad Guys don’t look for approval and they don’t grant it either.

You don’t need approval, to follow your own path and find your own success.

You are unique in this world

Keep in mind that you have unique talents and skills, that makes you different. These skills and talents lay dormant and are waiting for you to wake them.

Your life purpose is to answer your calling, and do what nobody else can do. Just make a list of the things that you really love doing.

Ignite your passion

If you are passionate about your work, you wake up every day with joy and eagerness to start your day and tackle any problem or situation that you may face.

If you are passionate about your life, you greet every day with a smile. And you start with a thankful attitude because you slept in a warm bed, you have cold or hot water to take a revitalizing bath, and a delicious meal for breakfast.

Your passion drives you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks, so you can reach for your dreams without regarding how hard or impossible they may seem.

Your passion drives you to create the life of your dreams, and share it with the people that you care and love like family and your soulmate.

Observe among your friends, your peers and pay attention to those who are happy with their life, they naturally attract other people. And observe also those who are negative or pessimistic how the people run away from them.

Being passionate is the best way to make you naturally attractive to beautiful women, if you dare to be different to be your true self you will find success in your personal, professional and dating life.

For example if you really love fitness, and you are passionate about exercise so you feel pleasure and satisfaction why don’t you become a personal trainer. You can get a certification and get well paid for something that you are passionate and quite probably you are doing for free.

Immersing yourself in your passion is the number one way to live a truly free and fulfilling life. It’s easy to be happy when you are waking up every morning excited to get to work. Even if you have millions of dollars in your bank account, you’re never truly free until you dare to be different and you are living and working at something you love.

Stop doing what you don’t like

Read again the last line…

How many things you are doing every single day that are stealing your joy and good mood, your energy to enjoy your life.

When you dare to be different, one of the first things you do is stop doing those things that you don’t like.

If you don’t like to clean your house or apartment hire someone to do it. With the free time you will have the opportunity to do something that you like and create more revenues and income that will give you more freedom.

What about commuting? Who told you that you have to waste 1 or two hours in traffic jam every single day just to get to the office and do something that you are not passionate about it?

Never work for money, work to learn and to increase your skills and knowledge. Because if you work for money then you will be happy only when you receive your paycheck and only for a brief moment.

Step out of the maze

Did you watch the movie Batman vs. Superman? I like the dialog about Alexander’s sword and the Gordian Knot.

Do you remember the legend?

Some people made a knot using root trees and hide the stubs inside the knot itself. And they claimed that whoever break the knot will become their king.

During years many people tried until one day, Alexander the Great arrived and after listening the legend he approached the knot and broke it with his sword. Ordinary people try to untie the knot, extraordinary people break the knot, dare to be different.

Many of us we are struggling inside the maze trying to find the right way to pass it, when the wisest thing to do is:

  1. Step back and observe the situation,
  2. Look for open doors or windows,
  3. And if you don’t find a door then make it, even if you have to break the walls

If you are struggling in any area of your life, ask yourself:

Am I running around in circles trying to pass the maze? Think about if after a lot of hard work at the end of the day you are at the same spot as if you were at the beginning then you are only spinning in circles without reaching any important goal.

Maybe it’s time to step back of the maze, take a closer look and find an exit, an open door or some loose bricks in the wall to hit them and pass through.

  • You don’t have to waste your life commuting to reach your office,
  • You don’t have to spend your life in a job that you don’t enjoy and make you feel passionate about it.
  • You don’t have to be alone, wasting your nights instead of dating the woman of your dreams.
  • You have the choice to do things different, to answer your calling and be happy.

There is nothing more liberating than doing what you love, and stop doing what you don’t love nor enjoy.


I look forward to your comments of my post and dare to be different.

If you want to learn:

You are in the right place to learn how to change your mindset and #DontBeaNiceGuyAnymore and date the woman of your dreams!


How to date hot women

2016-03-19 at 09:00

How to date hot women

How to date hot women

How to date hot women

Since I can remember I always felt attracted to beautiful women, and I always wanted to learn how to date hot women

However at some point of my life I lost the direction and I couldn’t date the woman of my dreams.

Every attempt was a miserable copy of the previous before, always failing, feeling anxiety, frustrated, and depressed. And I didn’t knew how to date hot women.

The problem is I didn’t stop to think for a moment and analyze my previous relationships, to learn from the past and avoid to repeat them in the present.

What do you think about the following quote:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

Some quality questions

Have you ever wondered:

Why you don’t have success dating hot women?

Why the girl doesn’t text back? or

Why she doesn’t answer your call?

These questions are painful to make specially after every hot girl tells you: that you are such a nice guy

Why girls date bad *ss and jerks?

Many hot women declare that they want to date a nice guy, however they always end dating the bad*ss and the jerks, so I always wanted to learn how to date hot women?

For a long time I made myself these same questions over and over again, meanwhile I was showering hot women with:

  • expensive gifts,
  • flowers,
  • dinners in nice restaurants,
  • helping them with their chores, or
  • even paying her bills!!!

And when I tried to make my move and date them, they always gave me the same lame and pathetic answer over and over again:

You are very nice and sweet, I don’t want to spoil our friendship, I will always want you by my side but as a friend.

Sometime later I read the following phrase in some place, maybe a cookie fortune:

“Giving friendship to someone who needs love, is like giving bread to someone who is dying of thirst”

You can’t imagine how much I hated to end alone, and wondering how could I change my situation.

I didn’t want to become a jerk who mistreats a woman, nor a domineering male who beats a woman just because someone looked at her.

But I didn’t wanted to be a nice guy my whole life ending alone or dating a female that I didn’t find attractive.

I knew the kind of woman I wanted, I just didn’t knew how to date hot women

Then one day, I discovered that beautiful girls never date nice guys, they always date bad boys.

I didn’t want to become a bad boy, but I learned that I could copy some bad boys attitudes that work to attract gorgeous women and  and my world change it, radically.

This is called the Bad Boy Formula and when I applied I felt like the blind of my eyes disappeared, and I had more than a couple of “aha” and “eureka” moments.

I learned to naturally attract beautiful women using the Advanced Dating Techniques called “The Honey Trick” and it really works!

I sadly discovered that being a nice guy had the opposite effect ,

instead of attracting hot women they feel repulsed and avoided me, not because of my looks, but because of my attitude.

You can start with something very simple:

Don’t ask for approval, if you like something say it and don’t apologize for it. As a man you don’t have to please everybody wishes or wimps, you are here to enjoy your life to the fullest, discover your own mission and make the difference in this world.

If you are tired to be alone every night, and waking up every morning wondering why you don’t have a gorgeous and hot woman sleeping by your side, therefore it is time for you to take action to learn how to date hot women.

Just click in the picture and learn more how to develop some bad guy attitudes that naturally attract beautiful women.

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let me know what ideas or topics I should talk about in my next posts:

You are in the right place to learn how to change your mindset and #DontBeaNiceGuyAnymore and date the woman of your dreams!


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