About online dating scams

2015-08-03 at 09:58

About online dating scams

Avoid dating scams dating beautiful women


A few days ago I wrote the post The worst dating mistake and told you about a friend who fell victim of a dating scam in Facebook.

But this weekend I had a barbecue with several friends, and a friend of a friend came too, but he was very quiet, and my friend told me that six months ago he signed in dating site. And met a beautiful girl, he was very excited and happy.

This girl was an american girl living in Ghana working as volunteer helping orphans, and with just a couple of email she fall in love madly with him – remember if it is too good to be true

He only received a couple of pictures, and he asked her to see her on skype but she needed a webcam so he sent her money to buy it – Never send money to a girl

He spoke with her on the phone and even when he acknowledge that she didnt have a New York accent, he didnt mind.

One day she asked him money for food to help the orphans, and she also sent him some nude pictures. This guy started to think with the little head instead of using his brain.

One day by accident someone looked the picture of his girlfriend, and told him to get a life instead of lying because the girl of the picture was a webcam nude model. This guy was in shock he didnt knew what to say, and the other man used his smartphone to show him a couple of her websites and even her Twitter account.

My friend heard all about it, and after reading several posts in twitter he found out that some #scammers in #Ghana are using her pictures since 2005 to date men all around the globe asking for money and unfortunately many men fall in this scam scheme.

Actually he showed me how many men were writting to this girl asking her that why she was refusing the see them. At some point the girl wrote them -How can you imagine that a beautiful girl like me will date someone like you – Actually my friend wrote her and she explained to him that she was losing money because many people thought she was the author behind this fraud.

The problem here is not only the money you are losing when you fall victim of a dating scam, it is also the humilliation, the pain, and the hurt you have to endure because you fall victim of something that nobody told you about it.

A few years ago I lingered with the idea of dating a russian girl, and one of the things I did was a full research about it. And I found this manual: The Anti Scam manual for Online Dating it described many situations where some men or women post profiles in dating sites and try to get money from lonely and desesperate men.

It describes how to detect the signals of a #scammer and the best of all, and walk away from this kind of traps.

If you are considering using online dating sites, I strongly invite you to buy the manual and avoid yourself a lot of troubles.

Have a great week!

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